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Planning a trip to Bhutan | What you need to know to travel to Bhutan | Bhutanitis Travels


Planning a trip to Bhutan? Here’s what you need to do.

If you are travelling to Bhutan then certainly it would mean that you have the Basic knowledge about Tourism in Bhutan. That Bhutan is a high value destination.

You must have already done a little bit of research about this tiny Himalayan kingdom. Bhutan must be in everyone’s bucket list, it is a must visit destination and why not? It is the country of Gross National Happiness, the first carbon negative country with strict policies and rules and measures its happiness in terms of GNH instead of GDP.

Plan your trip to bhutan, what you need to know

Phobjikha Valley

Besides the above information you must be interested to have some suggestion from those who have already visited Bhutan. So here goes...

  • Do thorough researches before you choose your Tour Operator. As you must be aware that Bhutan does not permit independent travelling. So all the tourist have to be routed through a tour operator. There are plenty of Tour Operators in Bhutan. However it’s in your hand to choose the best one. Do some online researches, check out their history, and see their feedback from previous clients. Social media activities and websites.
  • Once you’re done with choosing the Tour Operator, Work out a suitable itinerary to suite your vacation. Almost all the Tour Operators are flexible when it comes to customizing your own personal itinerary for your trip. So don’t miss a chance to let them know exactly what you want even if it means that you will have to exchange a zillion mails, it’s totally worth it.
  • Next is to wire transfer the money for the entire trip to the Respective bank accounts of your Tour Operator. Tour Operators in Bhutan do not have their own Bank accounts worldwide, you will have to wire the money through Bhutan National Bank and don’t forget to mention the Agency’s name and account number as the ultimate beneficiary or else the money deposited in BNB will remain unanimous. Follow the link below for more information. (Make a link that points to wire transfer in our website). Email your bank wire receipt copy to your Tour Operator.
  • After receiving the money, your Tour Operator will process your visa. You will need to forward your Passport details, occupation and Home address. Make sure your photograph is clear enough. You must bear a passport validity of 6 months or more at the time of travel and make sure that there are enough blank pages for the entry and exit stamps. Visa Processing is a part of the Tour arrangement and usually takes 5 working days at the maximum.
  • After your visa is approved. next is arranging your transportation. Bhutan can be entered only through Paro International Airport if you are flying-in and through Indo –Bhutan border gates such as Phuentsholing if you are entering Bhutan by Land. Since Bhutan does not have direct flights operating from outside Asia, you will have to be routed through either of these destinations, Bangkok, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Kolkata, Guwahati, and Singapore. If you are travelling several destinations at once it is best to plan your trip accordingly. Several common destinations to be visited along with Bhutan are Nepal, Thailand and India.
  • Once you are done with the bookings you can relax and leave everything at the hands of the experts. You can start planning your trip and packing your essentials.