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Reasons why you should visit Bhutan| Bhutan Tourism News | Bhutanitis Travels


Reasons Why You Should Visit Bhutan.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Bhutan. Exotic Himalayan Kingdom of Happiness in eastern Himalaya.

1. Time travel

A rare place to visit with no crowd at all. You will feel like you travelled back in time. Thimphu is not a typical modern city. You will not find McDonalds or KFCs, Bhutan is plain and simple. However today, Bhutan is at par with any other country in the world with all the latest amenities of Modern Life.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan.

A village in Paro Valley

2. Buddhism

Life in Bhutan is strictly guided by Buddhism and Buddhist philosophies. Buddhist Monasteries, prayer flags and monks are a prominent feature of Bhutan. Chanting of Prayers and little monks smiling and at peace is just what you need to see to understand the Peace that prevails in Bhutan.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Monks outside Monastry.

Monks outside Monastry

3. Pristine environment

Bhutan is gaining popularity in the region for its example setting achievements, though tiny but mighty. Bhutan became the first country to go 100% organic and the first country to ban tobacco consumption nationwide. Bhutan has a rich biodiversity and is one of the last remaining hotspots in the globe. 70% of the country is under forest cover and protected. Bhutan is the only country in the world to be carbon negative and pledges to remain so in all times to come.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

Haa Valley

4. The last Shangri-La

Perhaps Bhutan is the only country in the world which has the king and queen so beloved of their people that it’s compared to a fairy tale kingdom. The charming prince of Bhutan wedded a commoner in 2013. A woman so glorious, she captivated the heart of the prince with her beauty and charm. The Royal couple was blessed with a prince in 2016, The Royal couple is well known as the kate and William of the Himalayas.

Uniqueness about Bhutan is added by Gross National Happiness. Bhutan is well reputed worldwide as a GNH country, a country that measures its progress with happiness index rather than GDP.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

Haa Valley

5. High –Value destination

Bhutan is one of the High –Value destinations in the world with a minimum daily tariff of USD 250 per day. This is mainly to curb the influx of tourist in the country and to keep its high value –low impact policy intact. However, you are not Paying your Hard earned money in vain, the 250 USD is inclusive of Food (3 meals a day), accommodation (minimum 3 star), an experienced driver, guide and tourist vehicle for your entire trip.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

Dochula Pass

6. Living culture

You will be surprised to see people dressed up in unusual attire. Bhutanese wear a unique dress called as the Gho and kira for men and women respectively. The buildings are all decorated with Bhutanese designs though unique in architecture; it is to carry on the cultural heritage of Bhutan. There are magnificent structures known as Dzongs, all built during the time of Zhabdrung(the unifier of Bhutan) and each Dzong or Monastery will hold its own Festival annually , be a part of the festival, join in with the commoners to rejoice this celebration with the friendly people of Bhutan.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

Mask Dance at Thimphu Tshechu Festival

7. Unique cuisine

Bhutanese have a unique lifestyle and food habits. Although the staple diet in Bhutan like in any other country in Asia is rice, noodles, vegetables and Meat based, Bhutanese people enjoy their food with lot of chilies. Try out Ema datse, a dish made out of chili and cheese. Don’t be fooled when You see the local people eating it with ease, keep a glass of water besides before you try out this dish or else you will be left panting and fighting for air after the first spoon.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

A simple set of Bhutanese Dish

8. Peace and tranquility

While the rest of the world is fighting with terrorism and migrant crisis, this tiny Himalayan kingdom has maintained peace and tranquility with no threats posed for tourism. Tourists here find it immensely peaceful and safe for spending their vacation in Bhutan.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

Buddha Statue at Kuenselphodrang, Thimphu

9. An escape from your everyday life

Tourist visiting Bhutan often comes here looking for a retreat from their everyday life, looking for adventures and scenic view. Whether it’s a day long mediation retreat in Buddhist temples or a GNH talk from high priests of Bhutan, Bhutan has just what you need to have a break from your busy city life.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

women carrying fodder for cattle

10. Adventure like Never before

Bhutan is one of the few destinations in the world which is least explored. Bhutan is home to some of the highest unclimbed mountain peaks in the world. Trekking through virgin forest and exploring hidden lakes in the mountains, Water sports in the crystal clear waters fed by glacier, jungle safaris into the reserved nature parks with species of plant and animal’s endemic to Bhutan is a reward in itself.

Reasons why you should visit bhutan- Haa Valley.

On Druk Path Trekking Trail