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Things to do in Bhutan | Bhutan Tourism News | Bhutanitis Travels


Things to do in Bhutan

Bhutan has lots to offer to travelers from around the world. View some of the things to do in Bhutan and prepare for exotic journey of lifetime.

1. Hike to Taktsang Monastery.

Also known as the Tiger’s nest. This monastery has become an icon for Tourism in Bhutan. It is the most visited places in Bhutan and is becoming a famous tourist attraction all over Asia. With the recent Royal visit of Prince William and Kate Middleton, this place has seen a huge boost in the tourist influx to the monastery.

Things to do in Bhutan

Taktshang Monastry

2. Visit the Dzong and lhakang.

Another landmark in Bhutan is set by these mega structures called Dzong. All of them were built centuries ago with traditional architecture and is the hallmark of Bhutanese Art. Each Dzong is unique in architecture, and has unique legends behind their marvelous creations. While lhakang are similar in structure yet they are much smaller and are religious centers and temples dedicated to Guru Rinpoche and local deities or saints of Bhutan.

3. Trekking.

An excellent way to explore the higher Himalayas with close proximity to nature is to embark on a trekking journey into the mountains of Bhutan. With expert adventure guides, full equipped tents and well paved roads, the trekking journey into the Himalayas will make Bhutan a paradise for adventure lovers. The common trekking routes include the Druk Path, Jomolhari trek and Gangtey trekking route.

4. Explore the high Passes.

If you wish to capture the beauty of the Himalayan range, you have to explore the high mountain passes called as “La”. Chele-La pass tops the list of passes in Bhutan. Standing at an altitude of 3988meters, it is the highest motor able pass in Bhutan. There are numerous passes in Bhutan, another famous pass being the Dochula-La pass (3100m).

5. Visit KuenselPhodrang (Buddha point)

visit the tallest statue of sitting Buddha in the world. Located atop a hill overlooking the Capital City, Thimphu. The “Buddha Point “is another common tourist destination in Bhutan. You can also have a panoramic view of the entire city within one stretch.

6. Explore the valley of Phobjikha

Phobjikha is a large wet land valley, situated in the district of Wangdiphodrang. It is the most scenic valley in the entire country and what makes it more special is the annual arrival of the Black necked cranes migrating into the valley from Tibet in the winter seasons.

7. Biking

Mountain biking is another sport gaining momentum in Bhutan. Bhutan’s high mountains with rugged terrains make it an ideal destination for adventure lovers. Feel the gushing winds and adrenaline rush as you explore the biking trails of Bhutan. Other adventure sports in Bhutan are rafting and kayaking.

8. Hot spring bath.

Hot spring bath is a must if you are in Bhutan. Hot spring bath is a natural and herbal way of getting rid of many problems in the body such as common skin problems, bone and joints related problems and backache.

9. Attend a Festival

Festivals in Bhutan are called "Tshechus". They are colorful festivals depicting the life and deeds of Guru Rinpoche. A time for people to rejoice in family Union.

10. Meditation and retreat

To cleanse your mind of all the worries you can take up meditation. There are retreat and meditation centers that provide places of respite from the cares and stress of everyday life. You can also listen to GNH talks from eminent saints and gurus of Bhutan.