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Places to visit in Bhutan - Bhutanitis Travels



Weatern Bhutan

The western course covers the six districts of the country including Paro, Thimphu, Haa, Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang, and Gasa. This circuit is special as the Tourism Council of Bhutan has prepared new ways to explore the prevalent prodigious highlights.

You can grace with your presence during the summer festival of Haa district and explore the spectacles of the prehistoric living culture of the Haap (People of Haa region). The festival’s best part is the Shamanic ceremonies and various folk songs and dances. It is possible to enjoy the beauty of exceptional Himalayan floras blossom or take a bold hike to Nob Tsonapatra, engrossing you in the thought-provoking folklores of the region.

Visit Thimphu, to witness the newly acquaint with Takin Festival, temples & GNH talks, meditation and wellness services, and famous farmers market. Thimphu city has biggest dzongs (fortresses) and museums that will make you wonder, you can also attend the textile festival that expresses the rich ethos of Bhutanese weaving culture. In Thimphu, visit the Folk Heritage museum will give in-depth gaze into a classic agrarians’ livelihood.

You’ll wonder at the ancient illustration of feudal Bhutanese troopers who protected Bhutan with blades and armors during the annual Punakha Tsechu(festival). The several festivals are planned all through the year and tours can be custom-made in accordance.

Come to experience the primitive rice agronomy during early summer or part take during the harvest in autumn. The golden shade of ripening fields is a delight for a photographer during in autumn. The western region of Bhutan is housed some of the kingdom’s premium museums, and you’ll acquire interesting things about our history and traditional beliefs. Paro Ta dzong museum has many antique objects illuminating the olden times and cultural heritage of Bhutan.

Places to visit in Paro


Places to visit in Thimphu


Places to visit in Punakha


Places to visit in Wangdue Phodrang

Wangdi Phodrang

Places to visit in Wangdue Phodrang



Central Bhutan

The central districts in Bhutan have a various stimulating destination for tourists. Travel to central destinations of Bhutan, a blessed place with the great unparallel beauty of the pristine environment. You will come across heaps of picturesque alpine and sub-tropical broadleaf forests seething with all kinds of flora and wildlife. It consists of most significant historic and spiritual locations of Bhutan. The constituency of Trongsa was of great political importance during early history as the leaders of Bhutan choose it as commanding position of the nation.

Bumthang district is full of ancient and main temples and monasteries of Bhutan. The significant landmarks in Bumthang are Kurje Lhakhang constructed in 1652 AD is a religious site where Guru Rimpoche a reincarnation of Lord Buddha meditated. Terton Pema Lingpa is the greatest of all religious treasure discoverer in Bhutan and he built Tamshing Lhakhang, which dates back to 1501 AD. Mebar Tsho (Burning Lake) is a sacred lake where Terton Pema Lingpa revealed sacred treasures concealed by Guru Rimpoche.

The Lookout post of Trongsa district Museum: it is an ancient tower now made into a museum committed to the Wangchuck family and offers people with detailed insight into the history and politics of Bhutan. Chendebji Chorten(Stupa) of central Bhutan: An fascinating and prominent holy structure with eyes painted towards the four cardinal ways. Folktale has it that it was built to subdue the evil spirit that manifested as an enormous serpent.

Apart from annually celebrated traditional religious festivals (Tshechus), plenty of newer festivals showing the amusing traditions of the district like the Matsutake Mushroom Festival and the Nomad’s Festival of Ura, Bumthang adds more value and color to the culture of Bhutan.

The Thrumshingla National Park est. 1998 of this region is famous for the rare and endangered birdies that squat. As of now, only 14 birds are found in the park are recorded as globally threatened birds. To name some of the famous birds are Blue-Fronted Robin, Satyr Tragopan, Rufous-necked hornbill, Spelaeornis caudatus, Cochoa purpurea, Chestnut-breasted Partridge, and Ward’s Trogon. You may even catch a sight of the glamorous animals that live in the park like the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger, Barking deer, leopard, bear, and the adorable Red Panda.

Places to visit in Bumthang


Places to visit in Trongsa


Places to visit in Gelephu



Eastern Bhutan

Eastern Bhutan Region is least explored regions of Bhutan due to that It will offer the most authentic experiences for cultural and adventure-minded tourists. Travel to the eastern region of Bhutan to witness the unspoiled natural exquisiteness, soaring cliffs and primeval forests with abundant variations in elevation and climatic settings. The Eastern tour comprises the districts of Mongar, Lhuntse, Tashi Yangtse, Tashigang and Samdrup Jongkhar.

Along with the regular Buddhist ceremonies, Traveling to Eastern Bhutan will enable you to check upon some of the nation’s utmost early spiritual makes while observing Bon and Animistic religious rituals.

The lush vegetation, incredible backdrops of the eastern district has many perfect locations to take up day hikes or extensive trekkings. Lodgings in this countryside area are often preferred, however, you’ll have the choice to also camp out beneath an ocean of stars. Many also choose to experience the warmness and hospitality of the locals during a homestay, you’ll never miss the luxuries of your hotel room.

Places to visit in Lhuntse


Places to visit in Mongar


Places to visit in Trashigang


Places to visit in Trashiyangtse